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В Resident Evil Village Есть Секретный Световой Меч Из Звездных Войн

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In the latest installment of the popular Resident Evil series, Resident Evil Village, players have discovered a hidden secret that pays homage to another beloved franchise — Star Wars. The secret lightsaber from the Star Wars universe can be found in the game, adding a unique and unexpected twist to the horror-filled world of Resident Evil Village.

Uncovering the Secret

Players who have explored every corner of Resident Evil Village have stumbled upon a hidden room that contains a mysterious weapon. This weapon, when picked up, reveals itself to be a lightsaber, similar to the iconic weapon wielded by Jedi knights in the Star Wars films. The lightsaber in Resident Evil Village is not just a simple homage, but a fully functional weapon that can be used to defeat enemies in a new and exciting way.

How to Find the Lightsaber

Locating the secret lightsaber in Resident Evil Village requires a keen eye and thorough exploration. Players must first reach a specific point in the game where a hidden door can be unlocked. Behind this door lies the secret room that houses the lightsaber. Once inside, players can pick up the weapon and wield it against the creatures that inhabit the village.

Gameplay with the Lightsaber

Using the lightsaber in Resident Evil Village changes the gameplay experience drastically. The weapon is incredibly powerful, able to slice through enemies with ease. Players can perform various attacks and combos with the lightsaber, making combat more fast-paced and exciting. The lightsaber also emits a bright light that illuminates dark areas, providing a unique advantage to players in the game.

Reactions from Players

Upon discovering the secret lightsaber in Resident Evil Village, players have been buzzing with excitement and awe. The unexpected crossover between Resident Evil and Star Wars has sparked conversation and speculation among fans of both franchises. Many players have praised the developers for including such a fun and surprising Easter egg in the game, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the overall experience.


The inclusion of a secret lightsaber in Resident Evil Village is a delightful surprise for fans of both Resident Evil and Star Wars. The weapon adds a new dimension to gameplay, allowing players to wield the iconic weapon of Jedi knights in a world filled with horror and suspense. As players continue to explore the secrets of Resident Evil Village, the lightsaber stands out as a memorable and exciting discovery that showcases the creativity and attention to detail of the developers.

Whether you are a fan of Resident Evil, Star Wars, or both, the secret lightsaber in Resident Evil Village is a must-find for any player looking to add a touch of sci-fi fantasy to their survival horror experience.

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